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Our Services
To Maximize our customer satisfaction, Genius Traffic System Co., LTD emphasize on after sale services as strong as manufacterer and quality of products. Our company provide 24 hours a day , 7 days a week services with the standard repairing and maintenance process. Our Professional service teams are prompt to reach customer's site witin 24 hours after receieve a problem notification.
Maintenance Services
  As a result of electricity products, which are highly sensitive with moisture and dust, it's recommended to have product's regular check for keeping more products's life time and efficient.
Repair and replacement services
  With our proficient service team, you can be assured that your business needs will be met with prompt and professional service. Our team will reach customer's site witin 24 hours after receieve a problem notification.
Warranty of products
All of products manufactured and distribued from our company have 1-3 years warranty to ensure our products's quality and standard. (conditions of warranties are diversity depend on type or model of the products). In case of problem occuring during warranty period, it will be free of charge for all services and spare parts.