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Company Profile
Genius Traffic System Company Limited (GTS) is a Forth Corporation Groups Company.

established on Feb, 27 2002 for operates the business on researching, studying, manufacturing, distributing and turnkey installing traffic control system and related equipment including electronic display Board for indoor and outdoor usage.

The major traffic products are LED traffic lights, traffic signal controller, LED pedestrian light, Traffic Count Down Display and the traffic control systems such as Area Traffic Control Systems.

The electronics display Boards are both of the Full color sign boards and various format of the Variable Message Signs (VMS) to cover all type of utilities. The products of the GTS has been certified by the Thai Industrial Standard Institute and the production researches of the GTS has also got privilege from the board of Investment (BOI) on the Prototype Design Program, thus the GTS is the only company to completely design and manufacture the products.
Considering the past operation result, GTS had succeeded in installing traffic control equipments and traffic light system both in Bangkok and provinces e.g. the CCTV for detecting the traffic problems and the safety for the Bangkok Metropolitan and the traffic light controller by the computer which can calculate the time for switching the traffic light in according to the load of traffic and the nearby junctions. The GTS has been trusted by Nonthaburi province, Had-Yai municipal and Hua-Hin municipal in installing and utilizing and it has gained satisfactory response. This enables GTS to win many bids from the governmental workplaces which GTS plans to install the system mentioned above within this year and expand more in the next few years.

By the extended budget. This enables GTS to have a chance to continue expanding our market on these products. The GTS has share the market of the electronic sign boards both in the private and governmental sections by manufacturing and distributing 50 Full Color LED Screens to the Hello Bangkok Limited with a tendency to increase more sales in this year. Moreover, GTS has been trusted by many work places of many new projects to install the Variable Message Signs e.g. the Expressway Authority of Thailand on the Bangplee Suksawad way, Raminthra Aadjnarong, the Department of Highway in the Motorway project including manufacturing and distributing intelligent electric Sign Boards for the Genius Joint Venture to install on 40 locations for the Bangkok Metropolitan.
At present the GTS has also researched and developed more variety of products to cover the need of the previous market and to respond more to the need of the related market e.g.
System to increase more effective control at intersection and road junction by installing equipment to detect the traffic load of each way and calculate the time for the traffic light switching in accordance with it in Real-Time.
System to increase more effective maintenance of traffic lights by adding more equipment to check the traffic light control system so that they can send warning signal to the system supervisor and the control center when the equipment is out of order so that the person responsible for them will be well informed and can solve the problem right away.
The traffic sign board to warn drivers on many locations by the LED technology which is the continued policy to save energy.
Lighting equipment on roads, factories, stadium and sport play ground etc. are mostly of old fashioned which are high power consumed with only 1 year lasting. Thus GTS has developed new lighting equipment that uses the LED technology to last up to 10 years of utilizing which enhances a lot of decrease of maintenance cost. Apart from decreasing cost on the maintenance, it also increases more convenience and safety for the drivers due to the traffic problems while they are under maintenance.
Electronic Ballast equipment for high voltage lighting e.g. 250 or 400 Watt, which can save energy up to 25% while gaining the same lighting, responds to the world concern to reduce the energy consumption due to the global heat.
LED rear light equipment at the back open cargo area of a pick up truck has been trusted y the Sammitr Motor Limited Company to design and manufacture with the starting order of 200 sets per month, thus, this enhances the expanding of lighting products to the vehicle industry while the GTS aims to expand our market to other type of vehicles.